The state of commercial skipping, or what have I missed?

When I decide to extract recording from my tablo, I manually edit them to remove the commercials. I’ve tried various free tools for removing commercials but none of them work right. Note: I said free. I haven’t tried anything I have to pay for.

I learned something interesting by doing this. There are commercial I actually want to keep. Weird. For example, I have occasionally saved the commercials for upcoming shows, or episodes (or movies) and either tacked them on the end of the show I’m saving or saved them as ‘trailers’ in my Plex server.

There are also some that are just plain fun (there’s a parks commercial currently with a deer and a girl having a staring contest that amuses me). These will get stuck to the end of the show sometimes too.

So, I’ve decided what I really need is a commercial database of sorts to integrate with automatic show editing. Something that will identify the commercial and if it is in a category I like (I have no idea how to categories them) and I don’t have it saved, it will either stick it to the end of the show (but for me only one commercial per show) or drop it in my database.

I don’t have many saved. I’ve got 3 of the Rogue One promos from before it got released, one from the new CBC Anne miniseries, that parks one, and maybe 6 of the coming-up-on type commercials. Silly, but I can delete them when I need more disk space.

I’m also hoping that some of the Ghost in the Shell live action movie trailers show up soon. It might be getting slammed in the media, but I bet the trailers will be fun.

Thanks for reading my mental meanderings.