The main TV stations do not play live TV

The main TV stations in my area (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) will not play anymore, but the substations do play. I rescanned, and the stations have strong signal strength, but will not play live TV. Could this have something to do with the recent server maintenance?


Could you explain what you mean by “don’t play”? What is the TabloTV app doing?

When I select the channel from the guide, it starts out as usual showing the station info, but the screen is just black.

Now when I open Tablo, I get the setup welcome screen with the QR code telling me to register and install the mobile app. I did that already and have been using TABLO for a few days now. When I try to open TABLO on my phone using the app, I get an error message, so now that’s not working either.

This seemed to start when I plugged in an external hard drive. I just disconnected the hard drive, now the stations are working again.

Sorry to hear you ran into this.

What type of storage did you add? Did you format the drive?

It’s a UnionSine 500 GB solid state external drive. Yes, I did format it and it was working.

That’s a bit smaller than we recommend but it should still work outside of some tuning around auto-delete.

Can you try to reconnect the drive and see if you run into the same issue?

You’ll want to reboot the Tablo after you do so.

I plan to get a larger drive; this is one I had handy, so I tried it. I reconnected it, and I am able to get the main stations, and I recorded something, and that worked. I may not have rebooted the last time. Thank you for your quick response.

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