The latest 2.2.18 kills my Tablo (LED stayed on solid forever)

Firmware was updated by using the Tablo Android app today.

After the power cycle, the LED stayed on solid forever. Had tried to reset several times, with no luck. Checked the router, the Tablo’s IP DHCP auto assigned address couldn’t be seen any more.

Just sent an email to Tablo support team …

We got your ticket, and just sent you a note!

I also have this problem. My 4-channel Tablo DVR is frozen. Reset button does not work. Blue LED remains solid even when I unplug it and plug it back in. The problem occurred on 1/28/18 and may be caused by firmware 2.2.18. Any ideas?
The Model # is spvr401. Serial # LD-B012840. This is also a very early model.
Despite problems from time to time, I love this DVR. It has saved me beaucoup bucks. I notified the Tablo support team yesterday.

Could be a bad power supply - sounds like what mine did about 3 months ago.

How did you fix your power supply problem?

I ordered a $10 Kensington supply from Amazon -12v/3amp. When I unhooked the supply from Tablo and it did output 11.9 - 12.1 V. I have no way to check output under load. Pls note that I use a 2TB Seagate portable HD and it is plugged into the Tablo for power and the light on the HD was lit as usual.

None of the tips that came with the new PS worked for the Tablo, so I cut the one off the Tablo PS and soldered it on the new PS. Plugged it in Tablo started up and is now working like always. WOW - I feel like I just saved $300!

Just for the record the original PS is 3yrs 1mth and 10 days old. Which appears to be beyond the life time of most PS’s made in China. The new one was made in Tiawan - hmmm

(Posted 7/28/17)

I ordered one but mine wasn’t working because the wifi went out on the Tablo. I hard wired it to the router and it started working again but I kept the power supply just in case it does fail.

As suggested, I replaced my power supply with another one I happened to have in my house. However the new power supply is .8 amps. My TabloTV DVR now works. Could this create a problem?

I don’t really know, but it could run hot, and I would not want to start a fire in my house from a cheap power supply - thats exactly why I got the 3 amp supply. And it runs cool to the touch.

I would order one from Tablo it would be a shame if the under power supply was to burn up you tablo.

Thank you, Sodama and Johnboy! You have saved me 300 and grief. I am ordering a new power supply.


Based upon the post,Tablo technical support professionals immediately contacted me and sent a replace unit.
The new unit comes with firmware version 2.2.10 and works as expected.
My Android app indicates there is version v2.2.16 avilable to install.

However, I’m still hesitating to upgrade its firmware…

You must upgrade. If you don’t you will have problems sooner or later.