The Last TiVo Deactivated (old thread)

Thanks to Nuvyyo’s product, I was confident in deactivating our last TiVo today. At the height of our TiVo experience we had four (4) TiVo boxes active in the house. Now, we have 1 Tablo (4T) feeding our 5 pre-existing Rokus. We didn’t actually cut any more cords but we did get rid of some monthly fees.

Now, I just need to replace the Tivo sticker in my car’s back window with something else (hint, hint, @TabloTV).

@cedarrapidsboy - Awesome! Glad to hear you’re loving your Tablo. 

We’ll see what we can do about the sticker situation… :smiley:

Go bananas. Throw in some T-shirts while you’re at it.