The Internet does not detect the new Tablo Quad


The new Quad Tablo DVR is not connecting to the internet. Mi Tablo dual is just fine. Also I think this company is making millions of dollars to have great customer service even in the weekends. you are running the risk of becoming a COX cable company.

I am frustrated with your new Tablo Quad.



Tablo did post that HQ would be closed over the Easter holiday and what to do if the Easter bunny wasn’t available to provide support.


If you provide more details of what you have tried and what is happening or not happening, maybe someone here can help you. The more specific you can be will certainly help others here to help diagnosis your problem.


We’re here now, and we’d be happy to help! Please don’t hesitate to give us a ring directly at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688), or to send us a ticket. Once we’ve got the details, we can help to get things up and running.


I think better installation instructions would help. I had a hard time figuring it out. I also have a chrome notebook that thousands of people also have. A app would have been helpful. I used a combination of my chromebook and android phone and about a hour to figure it out. I would post how I did it, but I don’t know. If you use the Roku Tablo app it is of no use. It’s a commercial. Maybe some kind of link there would help.


It looks pretty straight forward, and the same as Dual LIte. Connect it to router, attach HD, power up. Open web browser on computer - chrome notebook/PC/MAC is pointless, it’s a web browser, recommended google’s chrome- few painless minutes. Now if you go wireless, then there are a few other steps and I believe a mobile device, maybe.

Ok, so it doesn’t always work the way it’s suppose to the first time.

Aside from
and they pass on this 1-844-822-5688 for direct assistance (but hours are limited).