The best way for a good experience on a TV? (and some minor complaining...)

OK everyone, here is the deal. Got the 4-tuner model when it came out. At home, we have 1) An iPad, 2) An Android Tablet, 3) Android phones, 4) Chromecast. Our main goal is to watch shows on our TV together. And suffice to say, the experience has not been smooth. The main problem, of course, is the Android app. It crashes often, is slow, has a hard time loading content and the like. The lag gets worse when it is casting a show. I can’t watch a recording from the beginning while the show is recording (but can on the iPad). Now the Chromecast and the app are not getting along (which I posted about in Troubleshooting). 

So I am left wondering what is the best way to get my shows to run smoothly on my TV. I would prefer not to spend more money right now on things like a Roku or Apple TV. But is there anything I can do? Or do I have to wait for the Android app to become actually useful? What is the best setup?

I think Roku is the smoother way to enjoy your shows on the big screen right now with Tablo, perhaps other people here can help you with your specific situation though.

@Brelaxt - Sorry to hear you’re having issues with Android & Chromecast. We’re working hard on making these platforms better and I’m sure @TabloSupport will be able to assist you in getting it to work better.

In the meantime, if you have an HDMI enabled computer, you can use the web-based app to stream content from your Tablo to your big screen TV. This is what I use at home and it works awesome.

@Brelaxt Tablo is getting close but as a group viewing device, they still have to focus on the whole 10 foot viewing experience… Mainly the remote control experience and of course speed.

The Roku device offloads the development burden from Tablo in these two areas, so it is hands down the best group viewing, 10 foot experience.

Second best (if your android phone is modern/fast enough) is running the web app via chrome beta… The chrome beta video scroll controls are the only touch controls (in all of Tablo) that are for actual touch operation.

Someday soon we can all hope for an actual phone app from Tablo.

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