The app that won't die

I have a two tuner tablo, that I mostly watch from either of two Amazon Fire Sticks. This is a recent purchase, and until just recently we haven’t really watched it very much. But as we intend to finally cancel DirecTV in the next few days, we’ve been watching it a lot more.

Yesterday it did something strange. In both sticks. When I attempted to exit the Tablo app, the app restarted. Black screen, brief white screen, then back to live TV. This was after confirming that I really did want to exit the app. Neither the Back or Home buttons were able to successfully exit.

On the other hand, the app has seemingly exitted all by itself several times. I briefly calmed it down and regained control by rebooting both sticks.

The Tablo is running the recent v2.2.16 firmware, it rebooted for an update just last week. I believe I saw the sticks both take an update of the app as well. I can find their revisions and update this as needed.

From reading the forum, this may be a strange manifestation of the problem with a tuning in a weak station. It appears that KTTV has gone wonky for me here in the LA basin. I know I need to relocate my antenna, that is on my todo list. But KTTV had all five green dots the last time I checked a month ago, so I had no reason to suspect that attempting to watch the 10pm news would cause so much “amusement”.

Overall I’m very pleased with the Tablo when everything is working. Having now spent a couple of days switching among Amazon Streaming, Tablo, and Sling (and the occasional dive into PlutoTV) all on the Fire Stick, I can say that Tablo’s UI is second only to the native Amazon Streaming, and generally beats Sling handily. (Don’t get me started on PlutoTV on the stick. It watches. Barely.)

Any thoughts on what I can do?

@RBerteig - I would definitely run a new channel scan to see if that fixes the problem with KTTV. Sometimes broadcast parameters change and it requires a rescan.

If you wind up with less than 5 green dots it could be you do need to adjust your antenna.

It would also be a good plan to check and make sure you’re running the latest Tablo app on the Fire TV which is 1.1.13.

Let us know how both of those go!

Trusting the Settings page in the App on one stick, it currently says:

HTML Application: 1.1.8 build 8000091 [201701191327]

That sounds a tad out of date. What is the magic incantation that will cause the Fire Stick to update the App?

Since then, reception on KTTV has been completely clean. I haven’t touched the antenna, cables, Tablo, disk, network, router, or WiFi equipment, so perhaps I’ll blame the LA basin’s several days of 100ºF and over weather. It has cooled since then, and the current brush fires are all far enough away.

I should also thank Tablo for actually engaging with their users on stuff like this. Seeing constructive feedback and troubleshooting occur in the forum was one of the reasons I chose Tablo.

@TabloTV Googling around tells me that I should be able to manage and update Fire Stick apps from Settings | Applications | Apps, where an app that has an update available will include an “Update” selection in it’s details.

From that list, I selected Tablo, and my only choices are Launch, Force Stop, Uninstall, Clear Data, and Clear Cache. No Update. The details pane to the right of that menu clearly shows it as version 1.1.8.

Google also suggests that automatic updates are controlled from Settings | Applications | Amazon App Store, where I find that automatic updates are enabled.

While poking around, I checked the Fire Stick itself for updates, and it claims to be running the latest release:

Software Version       Fire OS (573210729)
Fire TV Home Version   5.7.3-20

I suppose that I could Uninstall and Install the app, but is there a better way to get it to update?

Also, why is it not more up to date already?

Thanks for listening!

@RBerteig - Apologies. 1.1.8 is the latest so your app is all up to date.

It could be the weather affecting the reception for sure.

Keep an eyeball on things and let us know if it gets dicey again.

The easiest way to know what the current reception on that channel is, is to run a channel scan via the app.

@TabloTV glad to know I really do have the latest versions running.

It hasn’t happened since, so weather sounds like the right bogeyman to blame for now.