Test between Tablo and FireTV

I purchased both Tablo and FireTV to test the two as I already had a number of Roku devices. There are definitely advantages to FireTV, but because I was able to add a large drive to Tablo I have been trying to make it work. I have a 4 tuner device (4 VPUs) and rarely record even 3 shows, yet randomly there are not thumbnails for FF. Signal strength from time to time is low, but honestly usually more often on the FireTV antenna, so I doubt this is the issue with the thumbnails. Between this issue and the lack of functionality with Tablo, I am increasingly thinking that purchasing this just for disk space was a mistake. Hoping that there is something I am missing, but so far terribly disappointing.

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I’m somewhat puzzled. A FireTV doesn’t have anything to do with size of drive you can use with your Tablo. At least not in terms of physical disk size.

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Maybe this person means Fire TV Recast?

Cause the OP can just use the Tablo channel / app on their Roku with the Tablo DVR. No need for a Fire TV box or Fire TV Stick.

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Ah, yes, probably meant the Recast. I’m not familiar with why it’s better though (drive size wise). But I’m not a fan of Amazon HW… but maybe you know why it’s better in that area?

Not me, I’ve never used it personally but I’m sure the OP can tell us why the Recast is better lol

Tablo removed some of their early size restrictions quite some time ago now. Maybe a victim of old historical limitations?

So you’re saying the OTA signal is more often lower on the Fire TV Recast than the Tablo? I’m confused.

I’m going to have to more and better drugs before this thread spirals into signal strength versus signal quality, internal splitters, lo-vhf, hi-vhf, uhf, and antennas.

And they might even enhance the World Series.