Terrific Super Bowl experience on my Tablo

LOL… sorry. I meant which Tablo. I was wondering if you were using the 4th gen this time around.

Yes, my 2 tuner 4th gen, though my legacy is also recording the game.

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Gotta have those backups Just In Case!

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Oh crap, PLEASE don’t tell me you already had the Tablo model listed and that I’m just a complete idiot!

Either way, glad to hear that you are having great success!

Gen4 Tablo has been up the whole time for the Super Bowl…. No issues with my ultra!


After four hours, I did get kicked out to the home screen. But I was able to get back in to where I was in just a few seconds.

Same here, saw the entire Super Bowl, glitchless, using the Chromecast 4K. 4-Tuner 4th gen worked beautifully. Using the Chromecast 4K with the Tablo and the Apple TV for everything else is a bit inconvenient, but is working okay. Won’t be renewing my subscription to Youtube TV at the end of my current month.


We got the 4th gen 4 tuner model, using GoogleTV while waiting (impatiently) for the Apple TV app. Even my wife asked me if we had canceled our YouTube TV subscription given how good the picture quality was for the Super Bowl. I cancelled YTTV almost three months ago.

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I experienced frequent “freezes” of the signal which didn’t appear to be caused by buffering. Tablo was totally unresponsive which made the game unwatchable. Our CBS affiliate is the strongest OTA signal I get, so I know it wasn’t that. When the image didn’t freeze the picture quality was great. I’m wondering if this is related to the Roku “crash” issue as I’m using a Roku 4K Streaming Stick 3820R2 (while waiting for the Apple TV app, BTW).

If you have good signal on your local channels… then the freezing could be coming from your local network.

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I has similar problem with frequent “freezing” that I wrote about here: Terrible Super Bowl experience on my Tablo

Meanwhile, Tablo tried hard to create a horrible Super Bowl experience for everyone gathered at my house with the legacy web, Windows, and Android apps all failing to connect. This took me away from the game to troubleshoot and prevented watching the game while preparing food.

Also, my Tablo stopped recording in the start of the 4th quarter.

One thing is you have to be very very very careful as the Taylor Swift event isn’t necessarily published like a typical NFL game. So, sometimes the elements you’re counting on being in the meta data (like live event) aren’t there.

Always over extend and do things manually.

Not saying that was the issue here, just an observation.

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The broadcast took around 4 hours and 30 minutes. I know I did extend manually on both my Tablo recordings and captured all of it, though I can’t remember what the default length was.

My experience was decent but not without issues. I’m using a 4th gen 2 tuner with a FireTV stick. I was able to start watching the game late and catch up near the end of the fourth quarter. It was a little confusing because I didn’t configure the Tablo to extend the recording and I wasn’t sure I was going to get the end of the game. The on screen display tells me the current time, but not what actual time the recording ends, nor does it tell me that it’s extending the recording for me. The Tablo did call the recording an “event” which was different. It did extend the recording into the overtime, but it abruptly stopped before the game was over and I had to switch to live TV. When I tried to do that the Tablo was having trouble bringing up the guide so I could select the right channel and watch. I probably missed 3-4 minutes, but luckily not the end of the game.

I have to plan around watching yet another parade (the 3rd in 5 years in case you didn’t know) on our local CBS station. Yawn, this is getting kinda old. :wink:

(NOTE: Yes, I live right outside KC.)

I don’t know why but I never got tired of watching Tom Brady win Super Bowl after Super Bowl, but KC’s winning just seems tedious.

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Patriots were a “machine”… and that’s not necessarily a compliment. But an interesting thing to watch. KC is crazy town. Which, I suppose is also an interesting watch. If Taylor and Travis break up, my bet, KC won’t be in the big game that year.

I’m sure someone in Vegas already has the odds set on that bet and is ready to take your money.

Probably. Also tied into whether or not Gronk makes the kick though.

Edit: Should Gronk make the kick? “Which way does it make us the most money?” If he misses. “Then, he misses.”