Terrible pixelation on 2 channel, but not on TV tuner

I’m relatively new to Tablo, Have a roof mounted (2 story home, 6’ above chimney, no obstructions) HDTV Amplified Antenna by Esky 2. Original cable from Esky antenna runs into its control box/amp. Main output from Amp goes to Tablo, 2 feet away. Second output goes to Samsung TV input.

Slightest bit of wind, weather, or sometimes nothing, and the Tablo Live picture is too pixelated to watch. If I switch TV input to “TV” the picture is very good. This happens on ALL channels.

I’m in 48081 location (outside Detroit) Wife likes to watch Dr Phil, which is on CBS locally. Most recordings are not viewable. “Happy Wife, Happy Life”… I’m MISERABLE! :slight_frown:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Switch outputs on the amp and see if the problem follows the amp output port.

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Great thought. TYVM

Maybe you have an LTE interference issue, there are a few threads on this forum discussing same.

Let us know how this goes. We’re happy to help troubleshoot with you as well. You can reach our support team here.