Taking my Tablo to Florida

We go to Florida for several months in our RV and have good high speed wifi with AT&T. We have apple TV and iPad’s, etc in the motorhome. My question is; will the things that I have recorded on the hard drive here, be available to view when I get there? Is there any other issue I should be aware of when we hook it up to out antennna on the motorhome?

Should work ok. You don’t need antenna or internet to watch things that are already recorded on Tablo. All you need is a router to make a LAN and then put your Tablo, iPad and TV on the LAN. I happen to know this because mine works fine when I lose DSL.

If you have remote connect established you should be able to access the tablo at your house if the WAN speed is sufficient.

But then you talk as if you are taking the tablo server with you in the RV since you talk about hooking up the antenna on the motorhome. Then you will need a LAN router even if it’s a travel router like the netgear pr2000.

So I’m not sure just what pieces and parts you are taking in the RV

Hi Zippy,
We have an AT&T wireless router in the motorhome which gives us own private network. So I think we are good there. The question was will downloading the Florida program schedule etc. work the same as at home (Canada) and if I do that will my previously recorded Canadian content shows still be available.nThanks so much for your response, Lisa

It use to be that the only client app that worked without a WAN connection was the Roku. But many apps have been enhanced so only tablo support has a list of what version of what apps will work without a WAN connection.

Of course you realize you will need to rescan channels. And if you go to different parts of Florida then each new city. Google city zip code to find one.

Should work great. Every Christmas the family goes to the cabin which is in the mountains. No OTA reception. But I load up the tablo with all types of recordings for all tastes. Take a cheap LAN router and rokus for the TVs. Keeps the children and grandchildren entertained at night.

That’s one of the hidden pluses of tablo.

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we only stay in two different spots so will do. Thanks! Lisa

Wow that is great news I never thought of, so as long as we have a “cheap LAN router” we can watch stuff anywhere. We go to Everglades National Park for 10 days in January to kayak and there is no OTA and not much of anything else, but birds and alligators, so we will definitely enjoy our loaded up Tablo. You just made our time there much more entertaining. We love the wilderness but with all the comfort of home. Haha!! Thank you again, Lisa

When they had a sale on tablos, I bought 2 2-tuner versus 1 4-tuner. It costs a little more when bought that way. But the life time subscription applies to all of your tablo servers.

It takes a little more effort to manage 2 servers but it allows you to take one server away for a few weeks and continue to record shows while your away. It also provides some amount of redundancy.

Tablo is hung up on the remote connect feature and really doesn’t talk much about being able to do this.

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