Takes several minutes to go back to menu after watching a recording

So re-started my tablo and my player (Nexus Player) and the problem persists. Only started recently, but seems to be consistently bad.

Scenario is this - after watching a recording for a while, when I back out to the episode selection (regardless if the show has one or multiple episodes recorded), it sits there spinning the circle (Nexus version of “Loading, Please Wait”) for several minutes. It usually eventually responds, but 5 minutes is a long time to wait to start the next show!

Anyone else seeing anything like this?

Delete the Tablo app from the Nexus Player, reboot the NP.

Then reinstall the Tablo app and let it do a fresh sync.

You could also try the Tablo Preview app for Android and see if that works better for you.

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Thanks @theuser86 … oddly, it stopped misbehaving without any intervention. I’m beginning to wonder if my Nexus Player is starting to show warning signs of it’s impending death…