Tabo dvr network diagnostic tool

I have been in contact with Tablo support and I was asked to download from google play store(our network diagnostic tool) no limk to it. I did a seach doe Tablo dvr network diagnostic tool, I have not found anything and it’s friday night so I guess I’ll wait till monday just wondering if anyone else may have answer to where I can find this tool thanks for any answers

I don’t believe there is a Tablo branded network diagnostic app. What was the issue you contacted them about? Are you connecting your Tablo via WiFi maybe and it was something like WiFi Analyzer to see if you have WiFi issues?

I am having to hard reboot my tablo to often in a days te for my rokus to be recognized to to watch TV through my tablo on my Roku . It’s recording my scheduled shows fine

Just ran a speed test from my phone 18.697mbps