TabloTV Quad Tuner

I received my quad tuner yesterday, and just HAD to write this:

1) Setup is a breeze, just like the dual tuner
2) The speed is even more impressive than the dual tuner
3) Recording four shows at once, and watching different recordings works like a charm
4) The ui/tablo unit response lag time seen on teh Dual tuner is non-existant with the beefed up hardware.
    - For example, when I had 2 events being recorded on the dual tuner, It would take 5 -6 seconds to start the livetv on roku vs now even with 4 going it takes the 2 seconds we have come to expect
5) No issues with playback,
6) so far its ROCK SOLID!
7) Its super quiet
8) stays super cool
9) Darn near the same formfactor
10) only has 1 coax input for a 4 tuner!  AWESOME!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AGAIN!!!  you guys nailed it on this piece of hardware as well.  Switching to new hardware with was a NIGHTMARE and nothing worked.  They took their solid platform for STV1 and crippled it.  NOT YOU GUYS!  you kept the same level of quality on the hardware, and made SURE the firmware on the device was JUST as good and even a bit better than before.


Very cool.  I decided to keep with the 2 tuner for now, and I am hoping the next firmware release has some of these speed improvements.

I am running the most recent beta firmware on my dual tuner, and I haven’t noticed any changes in speed that i spoke about above.  I think these improvements are mainly due to the improved hardware specs…

Awwww thanks for the kind words @Pix64!!! 


I just got charged and notification of impending shipping information. It’s happening! Whoo! Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

@PIX64, can you share what changes are in the beta firmware that you are testing and how things are going?

Not sure actually if I can share… I don’t see why not but… @TabloSupport what says you :slight_smile:

@wkufan92 - The next release has a lot of stuff around manual recordings in it (setting by date/time/channel). There are a few other tidbits that will likely get tossed in as well. 

Sounds good but I was hoping the 30 second skip ahead on ROKU would be in the next release.

@wkufan92 - All of the manual recordings features have sucked up a lot of dev bandwidth so I don’t think we’ll manage to squeak that in. The good news on the Roku front is we’re looking to add someone to the team specifically for Roku development so that platform can get the love it deserves. 

I love the idea that you guys are bringing someone one specifically for ROKU.  I would think most tablotv users are using ROKU.

dyyyying fo the 30 second skip for the Roku!!! My 4 tuner is on the way… OMG OMG OMG…can’t wait!

I use to think that the 30 second skip was important. I use the fast forward and have gotten good at figuring how many times or how long to fast forward. Give it a try.

I tried…the time frame differs from channel to channel and the time shown is not granular enough…  Always find myself needing to roll back or keep fast forwarding…

I’m new.  Was hoping someone can comment on the differences between the 2 and 4 tuner as far as how many recordings can be going while also playing back previously recorded content at the same time.  I’ve looked around for specs on this and haven’t found it.  Thanks!

@wkufan92 … "I would think most tablotv users are using ROKU."

Roku users are the minority here on the Tablo forums, but I think that’s because most Roku users just want to plug the device in and watch TV, not hang out on techie web forums. I agree with you, though: I think Roku users will be the vast majority of Tablo customers, if they aren’t already.

I don’t know that Roku users are in the minority on the forums.  I have two Roku 3 devices already, but I also use my PC, my iPad, and even a Android tablet to use the Tablo. 

I’m using my 4-Tuner with a Roku 1. Planning to replace that with a Roku 3 and move the 1 to the bedroom. I still do most of the scheduling on my Android tablet. Such a nice interface!