getting a 404 error … is it just me?

I guess the domain is o.k. since the forum is still up, but the homepage is not responding…

Down in order to attempt to monetize the website??? :slight_smile:

(it eventually came up for me)

Just a quick server update!

404 is an HTTP error code from the server. So there may have been an error, you were communicating with - that’s to say “not down”. …perhaps flubbed-up

Right now for me, no Tablos anywhere…

I am having the same connectivity issue this morning with the Tablo servers.

I miss you, Tablo Quad. I hardly knew ya and now you’re gone :cry:

I’m offsite so I can’t check Roku or FireTV, but it seems our Tablos always need to communicate/authenticate with the mothership, when they have a rare server glitch we’re all SOL.

@TabloTV, connecting to a Tablo via results in:

Everything should be back up now.