TabloTV and iOS9 Beta

Is anyone else have problems using the TabloTV app using iOS9 beta? I can access TabloTV using the Safari and Chrome browsers, but everytime I start the app, it gets stuck on the first syncing page and then crashes.

As far as I am aware they cant even fix it if they wanted to since Apple isnt allowing iOS9 compatible versions of apps into the app store yet.

This is true but I believe they could issue a beta test to your Apple ID using test flight.

I’m going to take a wild stab and say hes probably not in the ios testflight beta for Tablo :smiley:

I am happy to report that iOS9 beta 2 has fixed the problem that I was having on my iPad. I am able to use the Tablo TV app on both the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. It continues to work well on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Macbook Pro, and Roku 2 & 3. I am looking forward to the new features that accompany the next Tablo firmware update.

I agree, just pointing out that it is possible if he wants to pursue it with @TabloSupport

How are other 3rd party apps working in the latest iOS 9 beta? I uninstalled the first beta after almost every 3rd party app crashed.


Im sure they have things fixed but without Apple allowing them into the appstore you have to deal with crashes.

Thanks for the notes and feedback, all! We’re looking into this!