TabloTV 4 Tuner db loss

I just had a TV antenna installed on my roof. I’m gearing up to buy a TabloTV because of all the great things I hear about the product and the customer support. 

I’m wondering if anybody has any insight into what the db loss on the 4 tuner model is compared to the 2 tuner model. According to the guy that installed my antenna my weakest of the network channels is around 10 db. I’m concerned there might not be enough signal to split 4 ways. Any insight before I go ahead and order would be appreciated.


I may be wrong, but I don’t think it actually splits the signal like a passive splitter would.  maybe tablo support can chime in on this.

@RFSox @brg88tx There is a splitter on the Tablo 2-Tuner and the 4-Tuner. However, they’re actually being split (and amplified) in the same way on each of the Tablo’s.

We did this so that there won’t be a noticeable difference when/if switching between the two. Both Tablo’s have a 4-way output - the 2-Tuner only uses two of them, and the 4-Tuner uses all of them. You’ll see the same results with either model. Hope this helps!

interesting, so there is something similar to a 4 output distribution amp built in each tablo.

I would add that if you are only one splitter away from losing channels, then your signal is too weak.

Anyone in an urban location (i,.e., more than 5-10km from strong local transmitters) should have a preamp on their antenna on the roof.  I also have a distribution amp in my house before the signal gets split 8 ways.  If your signal is strong enough to overcome the line and splitting losses, they have no effect.

I agree with belgiangenius.  I use an amplifier attached as close as possible to the attic mount antenna and then a distribution amp in the network closet, split 4 ways (one to the Tablo and the rest to three TVs), to ensure minimal loss of signal strength over the antenna cable distance, splitter and Tablo (4-tuner).

Thanks guys. I do have a pre-amplifier attached to the antenna. I actually took an empty 4 way splitter and set up to see what kind of signal I’d get to the TV. Didn’t seem to be any loss along the line. I’m reasonably sure things should work.

My tablo is arriving today. I’m looking forward to setting it up and trying it out