TabloTV - 2.2.16 major issues across multiple devices


I have a few issues with our brand new Tablo. PS: We are running the latest FW update 2.2.16 which I believe has really introduced some issues as we weren’t having any troubles before this update.

Details: running a high speed network with around 200meg download. Tablo is hard wired in via Ethernet.

Apple TV 4K:

  • cannot watch a recording while its recording. Specifically, the buffering is so terrible we cannot watch
  • buffering on Live TV…this happens 10 seconds or so after changing a channel and every 5 minutes after. To be honest its really inconsistent

Apple TV 4:
-same issues as above. Just constant buffering issues

Xbox One:

  • live TV buffers every 10 seconds or so. totally unwatchable at this time
  • same goes for recordings also

The reason we know for sure this is app related is we have ZERO issues when watching Tablo via a computer also on the wireless network. No buffering, no dropouts.

I’m also experiencing buffering on Amazon Fire TV

With the devices that have issues, can you watch completed recordings with no problem?

Negative. Same happens with recordings also.

@ehcropydoc Sorry to hear you’re having issues. I’m sure our support gurus can help you get to the bottom of this.

Can you please contact them so we can start working on getting you back up and running?

Ok so I have eliminated almost all of my issues by hard wiring everything. I used our Tablo problems as an excuse to completely redo our network in our house. Meaning all media devices are now hard wired via Ethernet.

Tablo is working so great now.

The ONLY issue we have is the Xbox doesn’t seem to like Tablo at all. Constant crashing of the App, freezing of the picture. I will make a separate thread on the xbox issues.