Tablos failing to connect

Hello, as of about 2 days ago the rogers media tower in my area had a failure. I lost connection to CityTV and Omni in Edmonton. I reached out to CityTV Edmonton and they said they were aware of the issue and they fixed it.

Usually when a tower goes down, the Tablo just doesn’t connect to the station, however this time the tower has been crashing my Tablo.

My friend who uses a HDHOMERUN, told me that some devices are able to stream the station, some devices can’t. And I have first hand seen that the tower is back up and broadcasting.

My Tablo is crashing every time I try to connect to the CityTV station, and giving me a “failed to connect - There was a problem communicating with your Tablo. If this persists, reboot your DVR”, all other stations work. I have rebooted my Tablo, rescanned the channels. I’m not understanding why this is happening.

I have an original 4 tuner model. Thank you.

Don’t know if this relates to your issue or not…
I too have an original 4-turner Tablo.
It used to be (2016-2017) that if you tried to record or view a “weak” channel, the Tablo would reboot. There seemed to be something about a station being “weak” as apposed to “no signal at all”.
I don’t know if this is still the case. I removed those weak channels some time ago.

Can you try removing the channel from your Tablo’s channel lineup completely, and then running a new channel scan and re-adding it? If this doesn’t fix the problem, send our a team a note and we can check it out.

I found a fix, I don’t know why this fixes it though. I needed to turn down the “live tv quality” to “HD 720P - 5 Mbps”

I tried removing he tv Channel out of my guide and re-adding it, it didn’t fix it. but turning down the live tv quality did.

Thanks that work, but l would like 1080p.
When trying to record it says weak signal. After changing settings I can now watch the Chanel but recording says weak signal change record setting to “HD 720P - 5 Mbps” and it works.

I had tried my tv and it’s the strongest channel 95 for strength and 100 for quality.

Boydadam, you live in Edmonton as well and are experiencing the same problem as me? Citytv was working on 1080p Thursday last week. My friends HDHOMERUN, he had to disable hardware acceleration to get the 1080 feed to work.

Yes I do Dale. So it’s something rogers did with the tower

I will submit a ticket I guess, for a bit both stations were down, even on their 720p feed, then omni came back up at 1080p. Clearly they are doing something in the background.

I’ll reach out to Citytv once again and see if they have anything to say.

I did submit a ticket the number is 104298. tablo is going to do a remote login to my tablo hopefully thy get back to me today, if they do ill update.

Thanks for touching base, our team is investigating and will get back to you ASAP.

Tablo Support - Derek (Tablo)

[Oct 29, 2021, 5:03 PM](calendar:T7:Oct 29, 2021, 5:03 PM) EDT

Hi Boyd,

We had a closer look at the signal coming in for the channel and it seems it may be a bit too strong, overdriving the tuners at times.

Just to confirm, does any recording/Live TV quality set above 5mbps seem to have trouble, or is it only the maximum recording quality at 10mbps?

Please send us an email back and we will take another look at the signal coming into the Tablo.


Tablo Support
Only 720P works

Citytv is back up at 1080p today