Tablos failing to connect

Hello, as of about 2 days ago the rogers media tower in my area had a failure. I lost connection to CityTV and Omni in Edmonton. I reached out to CityTV Edmonton and they said they were aware of the issue and they fixed it.

Usually when a tower goes down, the Tablo just doesn’t connect to the station, however this time the tower has been crashing my Tablo.

My friend who uses a HDHOMERUN, told me that some devices are able to stream the station, some devices can’t. And I have first hand seen that the tower is back up and broadcasting.

My Tablo is crashing every time I try to connect to the CityTV station, and giving me a “failed to connect - There was a problem communicating with your Tablo. If this persists, reboot your DVR”, all other stations work. I have rebooted my Tablo, rescanned the channels. I’m not understanding why this is happening.

I have an original 4 tuner model. Thank you.

Don’t know if this relates to your issue or not…
I too have an original 4-turner Tablo.
It used to be (2016-2017) that if you tried to record or view a “weak” channel, the Tablo would reboot. There seemed to be something about a station being “weak” as apposed to “no signal at all”.
I don’t know if this is still the case. I removed those weak channels some time ago.

Can you try removing the channel from your Tablo’s channel lineup completely, and then running a new channel scan and re-adding it? If this doesn’t fix the problem, send our a team a note and we can check it out.

I found a fix, I don’t know why this fixes it though. I needed to turn down the “live tv quality” to “HD 720P - 5 Mbps”

I tried removing he tv Channel out of my guide and re-adding it, it didn’t fix it. but turning down the live tv quality did.