TabloRipper Issues

Hi all,

I just ripped (I thought) 10 shows. I then realized it only ripped 7 - 30 minute shows and 1 of the movies but there were 2 other shows ( PBS specials ) that didn’t convert so I then selected them only to convert and it converted 1 of them but I am going to have to select the other and see if it will convert - not sure why it wouldn’t convert all of these at the same time - these shows are an hour and a half but the movie it did was the same length.

The other thing I have found using Tablo is that it isn’t lining up the audio with the video and it is very noticeable with these longer videos - the movie and the 2 other shows that are an 1:30 long. I don’t see a way to tweak this in the program - is there anything I can do? Jan

Perhaps you have the ‘skip incomplete’ option checked? That means TabloRipper will ignore shows that are either in there process of recording, or were interrupted while recording.

It’s also possible the PBS shows ended up with duplicate names, overwriting each other. If you have that issue, I suggest adding the ‘recording id’ to the file name (that’s another option you can select).

Let me know if you still have issues and we’ll straighten it out.

PS : I don’t monitor all topics in this forum, so you’ll get a quicker response if you post to the main TabloRipper topic. I get notified for those posts.

PPS: There are ffmpeg options you can experiment with to adjust the audio sync (if you Google them). If you’re interested in pursuing them, send me a PM and I’ll help get you started.