Tabloconnect external port numbers changing?

Hi, I got Tabloconnect finally working with Comcast Xfinity- i have an Arris TG1682G router from them. Port mapping in their app didn’t seem to work so their support (after spending multiple hours on the phone slowly moving up to their advanced support team!) after trying several things, finally got me to use port triggering in their console and got it working! However-2nd day away from home it no longer worked.
I am home trying to get it working again. The manual configuration shows me it wants different external ports configured. I changed the port triggering to match and now it is happy again.

Why do the external port numbers change? Is that specified by Tablo? If it stayed constant I think remote access would continue to work… since I can’t reset the settings when I am away it is very frustrating.
If there is a way to fix the external port numbers let me know!


Did your ISP assigned external IP happen to change?

I’ve noticed that the port numbers change if you’ve lost remote connect access. It seems like they are randomly generated on setup.

I think @Nilex is likely right – your external IP changed and broke Tablo remote connect. Some ISPs do that regularly while others don’t.