Tablo2 - tv guide on Canada

Looking to Buy a Tablo2. But i have 2 questions…

  1. on Canada, sors the Tablo2 provide TV listing guide?
  2. does the Tablo2 also combines streaming apps to the interface menu or i need to use my Roku to control Netflix and others?


Welcome. The Tablo does provide a TV guide (24 hours on the live tv screen, and 2 weeks on the tv/prime time/sports/etc screens).

You would use your Roku (or any streaming device) to access the Tablo app, just like Netflix and other apps. It is it’s own independent app.

Thanks !
Does the TV guide works in Canada ? Some boxes do not offer TV Guide for Canadians.

It does indeed. We’re actually a Canadian company.

Great !!!

According to Chief Detective Murdoch, Canadians invented the majority of things in the world. I’m looking forward to the episode in which Murdoch invents the DVR…:shushing_face:

dramatic voice

Coming next season… on CBC…

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Lacking the dramatic voice but …