Tablo -- #@$$#@

What a WASTE of money. $400 invested and I was better off with Windows media player and remote potato.

ONCE again I had guests over and your device shit all over itself when trying to watch a game. I DON’T think it is my job to troubleshoot your crap when I over paid for you shitty device.
So many problems for over a year and NO solutions.

THANKS for nothing!!!~!!!

Return it.


Yes return it and try a Tivo or an Channelmaster… life is too short to get frustrated over a thing.

Good luck in your future purchase hopefully you will find a solution that works for you and your home.


Wish mine could shit all over itself - I’d sell tickets.

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It would help if you defined “device shit all over itself when trying to watch a game”. What trouble(s) were you having?


Says he’s had it over a year. Masochist much?

@hunt_trex - Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some problems. We don’t seem to have any support tickets from you. We’d be happy to help you troubleshoot if you can pop us a note with details: