Tablo ZIP Code used for Subscription Purchase

I’m new to Tablo and I found out that the tablo subscription page uses the ZIP code set up in the Tablo device to match my credit card information! Well, that’s not good because my new Tablo is in Arizona and my Credit Card ZIP code is not Arizona. My primary residence is not Arizona however my new Tablo is at my second home in Arizona. Why can’t the web page for subscription purchases just ask for the ZIP code related to the credit card?

Great question, maybe @TabloTV can provide an answer or at least a work around.

Since the tablo units zip code is specified on the settings page, does it matter if the subscription credit card zip is not Arizona?

This issue is solved. I called Tablo support and instructed me to change my “Billing Address” in my Account profile.

So then as suspected, the actual zip code used under the Tablo settings for the channel guide is totally irrelevant to purchasing a subscription.

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Correct, just chiming in to confirm this is the case.