Tablo wont talk to my smart tv. No OTA reception

First time hook up. Talo is registered and recordings are scheduled. I tried going back to regular OTA TV ,but no reception unless I unhook the the cable from Tablo and hook it back to my TV. What am I missing ? I also have a Chromecast into an HDMI input… Do I even need this ?

I am confused by your question.

  1. The coaxial cable goes straight from your OTA Antenna to your Tablo.
  2. You connect your Tablo to your network via an Ethernet cable or WiFi to your router.
  3. To be able to watch anything from the Tablo on your HDTV, you need a separate device such as a Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast. The reason for this is the Tablo does not have an HDMI output to connect directly to your HDTV. Any of these playback devices connects to your router and gets the Live TV or Recordings for playback over the local network.
  4. Unless you split the coaxial cable from the OTA Antenna so that you have 2 coaxial cables where one goes to the Tablo and the other goes to the HDTV Tuner, you will only get OTA signal on the Tablo.

This may help answer any more questions you have about how to properly setup the Tablo:

Correct. The coaxial goes straight to the Tablo and I have a Chromecast but still have no TV reception. I was able to pick up reception from the Chromecast ( J. Leno car thing ) but no reception on local chanels. Is the signal supposed to stream to the TV from the Tablo ? BTW… The channels are listed on my Tablo app,

You have to install the Tablo Web app on an Android device say a smartphone or tablet then cast that to your Chromecast. There is no native Tablo app for the Chromecast. Or you can also go to in the Chrome browser on a computer and cast that to the Chromecast.

You can also watch Live TV on the Android device directly too. Try that out first.

Questions for you:

  1. Do you have any other device than the Chromecast to connect up to your HDTV? Roku, Fire TV, Nexus Player?
  2. What device did you use to setup the Tablo? Smartphone, Tablet, Computer?