Tablo won't record. Weak audio signal

Tablo won’t record anything. Instant or scheduled. Always says weak audio signal. My channel strength is 5 green balls. What could it be? I’m ready to throw this piece of crap in the trash!!

Did this issue just start? How long have you had your Tablo?

it started after the 30 day trial. i have recorded 3 movies to my 2 gig hard drive. I went to record a tv show that is on later than our bed time, and get the same issue every time. I have updated ,rebooted and nothing works

How did you set the show to record? If you are now out of the 30 day trial then you are using the Basic service and would have had to schedule it manually…

I know that isn’t necessarily related to your root issue but trying to get more information about the overall situation.

And you say “weak audio” but is it it actually just a generic “weak signal” message?

Is it possible your area has rolled out ATSC 3.0 recently and the frequency of that channel has changed? The channel scan screen reception quality data is as of your last scan and is not a real-time value. It sounds like something has changed recently with your reception of that channel.

Can you confirm that you’re still receiving the channels you’re trying to watch? For example, if you run and complete a channel scan (done in the Settings screen of the Tablo app), do the same channels appear? Once the scan is done, try watching live TV and then setting up a recording; do you have the same issue?

Yes I have rescanned the channels. I have rebooted. Nothing works.