Tablo won't record Hill Street Blues

I have set Hill Street Blues to record all episodes. It shows the to be recorded icon on each episode. Nothing appears in the recording tab. Other shows record fine. How can I troubleshoot this?

What release are you on? What is the resolution of the channel? Do you have good signal quality? Can you watch live on the channel without problems?

Tablo device:2.2.8
HTML application: 1.0.27

Note, if I watch the show live, I can record it and it works fine and shows up in recordings.

I only have one 480 channel and it is a duplicate of a 1080 channel so I don’t record it, so can’t help you out mate. Maybe the problem is fixed in the 2.2.10 update.

Jeff - I hope you have resolved your issue, but just as an FYI, I am able to record and or watch live Hill Street Blues episodes. HSB was a Mandatory watch when it was first run (I was a cop at the time) and all my buddies and I would genuflect when the theme music came on. :wink: Again, I hope you’ve resolved your issues.

All is well with my setup - I rebooted the Tablo to get it to use the Ethernet rather than wi-fi, and all seems to be going well.
Now I need to add the hard drive to the good list.