Tablo won't reconnect to router

Any time I restart my router, the Tablo will not reconnect to wifi. The only way to get the Tablo to reconnect is by cycling its power. Every other device that uses wifi will automatically reconnect, I’m only having a problem with the Tablo. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

What brand and model router?

@jeallen1 We’ve tested this before and the Tablo is usually pretty quick to get an IP when the router comes back online. The brand/model of your router would help, though.

Asus RT-N66R. I usually give it a few minutes to reconnect and it never does. How long should it take?

Usually no more than a few minutes. You could try assigning the Tablo a static IP to ensure that has one waiting on a reboot.

Are you running the stock firmware on that router? Or some fancy 3rd party firmware?

@jeallan1 We can collect your Tablo’s logs to see what’s going on - just send me the details in a ticket and we’ll get this taken care of.

I do have a static IP assigned, and am running stock firmware. I’ll send the info in a ticket, thanks.


Try disabling the AiRadar feature in the router.  I think you’ll find that the problem goes away.