Tablo won't power up after update

I just received my Tablo.  I installed the android app, which found the tablo and said there was an update.  I updated the unit.  Then after restart the app crashed.  I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling and it kept crashing.  I looked at the tablo unit and it shows no signs of life. I’ve tried unplugging it, and pressing the reset button.  What can I do to get it working?

@mpdeglau Open a ticket with @TabloSupport at

I went through similar frustration while trying to set up with android app.  As a last ditch effort I tried the web app. It saw my tablo right away, formatted the hard drive and scanned channels. There are still some bugs but it seems to be working.

@mpdeglau We’re in touch now! We’ll figure this out.