Tablo won't play on LG TV WEB OS 2.0

The Tablo app updated on my LG tv the other day and now doesn’t work. Tablo works on other tv, phone and computer. Any ideas? Is there a way to remove the update.

@ajustlaw760 The update just added the same app to the LG ‘content store’ - same version and code, though. Can you try rebooting the Tablo app, and then trying live TV?

Feel free to send our team a ticket!

this is what I have tried
reboot tablo
reboot router
remove and reinstall tablo app on LG TV Web OS 2
power down all devices.

the tablo will connect, sync, display recordings with drop down lists and display channel guide.
if live tv or a recording is selected the program display shows breifly and then the buffer symbol appears and remains. the tablo works find on other display devices.
Is there a way to load the older web os app?

@ajustlaw760 Well that’s the thing - the version you’re using isn’t any different than the previous one.
Can you send the specs (version # of Web OS your TV is using) of your setup to our support team? We can take a look from our end.

I’m suddenly having the exact problem on my LG TV. I tried all of the same things the previous person did to try to resolve the problem with no results

Fixed. The issue is that the latest Tablo upgrade that was made to correct problems with a different streaming device is not compatible with at least some LG Web OS configurations. If you problem is the same one I had, to correct it you will have to have Tablo support remove the latest upgrade, they can conect to your Tablo online. Also none of my old recordings worked so I had to delete them all. The new ones are fine. Finally don’t update again, Tablo will continue to offer an upgrade, but I would wait for the next upgrade.

Good Luck