Tablo won't load shows on Roku 2

I recently purchased the Tablo with 2 tuners.  It’s worked pretty well so far.  We’ve been using to watch tv through our Roku 3.  Here’s my problem:  I was recently given a small television which I’m using in my small studio space in the house.  The tv does not have an HDMI output, so I ended up purchasing a Roku 2 which can connect with RCA cables.

After setting everything up, I clicked on the Tablo app for Roku (which had been previously set up with the Roku 3).  It opens up and goes through the usual menus… until I click on something to watch.  At that point it disconnects from the loading process and reverts back to the channel menu.  This also happens with the recorded tv show I have.  It starts to load and then disconnects and reverts the recorded shows menu.

I have the feeling I’m doing something wrong here.  Is it possible to watch live tv on two separate televisions with two different Roku boxes?  

Update:  I switched off the Tablo app on the Roku 3 and then tried to watch something on the Roku 2.

No change.  It loads up a show and then suddenly stops and reverts back to the channel menu.

It’s something to do with the composite outputs. I don’t think it is supported because that old Roku doesn’t support HD content (I think).

My guess is just like the Roku XS/XD line if you want to go through composite out you have to “trick” your Roku 2.

In order to do this, you will need a HDMI TV/monitor though.

Connect the Roku 2 to the HDMI set… and configure it for 720p… then unplug the Roku 2.  Then while unplugged, disconnect the HDMI and connect up the composite cable and plug it back in.  Thus the Roku 2 will think you have a 720p HDMI output, but it will likely send stuff out through the composite jacks (I have a Roku XD and that’s how I made mine work).

Maybe you can borrow an HDMI device from a neighbor in order to perform this “trick”?


Not long after my last post, I found the solution here:

I ended up disconnecting the Roku 2 and transferred it to the HDTV in the living room.  I briefly swapped out the Roku 3 with the Roku 2 and did exactly what was recommended.  After swapping everything back, I reconnected the Roku 2 to the other tv and it worked!  

Thanks for your help, though!  I really appreciate it!