Tablo won't connect


I have had my tablo a couple weeks and every few days I am trouble shooting something. I am getting pretty frustrated, now I cannot connect on any device. Iphone, android, nvidia shield or roku stick. It says it can’t find any Tablos on the roku and other devices it says it can’t connect. I am 100% positive that it isn’t my network or internet. My tablo led is flashing about every second. Can anyone help?

I know that Tablo says the 1 blink per second means it isn’t connected to the network but that doesn’t make sense it was working earlier in the day. And phones find the Tablo, they just can’t connect. So I reconnected the wifi and it works, but why is it forgetting it.

Next time try rebooting the router first.

I Really don’t want to have to do that regularly… No other device on my network seems to have an issue. I don’t believe it’s my routers problem.

I am getting the same response. Every day or every other day, I cannot connect to it anymore. Other devices on the same subnet don’t have any issue.