Tablo Won't Connect To Internet

Anyone have any advice on how I can get my Tablo to connect to my internet? It’s worked fine for the past few months then all of a sudden it can’t connect. It’s connected via ethernet cable. I’ve already restarted the Tablo 3 times. I’ve restarted my ROKU a few times as well. I’ve also rebooted my modem as well. All this and still nothing. I’ve brought up MyTablo online through Chrome and it won’t connect through that either.
I’ve already submitted a ticket this morning and still waiting to hear back.


could be the ports on the router. Is UPnP enabled in the router? If so you might try setting the ports manually. I don’t recall which ports, but you should be able to search the forum and find that.

Check the cables and make sure they are still connected.

If you have an iPhone or iPad try and connect with the iOS APP. It has the unique ability to connect direct to the tablo.

Or, open up your network modem/router (whatever is running DHCP) and see if the Tablo is listed as a DHCP client. You should reboot the modem/router to clear this list so your not looking at old data.

Either way “proves” your Tablo is on the network.

if an iPad/iPhone can connect to it, but nothing else can, that would suggest the Tablo is not connecting to their server.

That happened to me because the Tablo date/time was set wrong (factory default). Which prevented it from using or updating its SSL certificates with their server. And that happened because my upstream Internet provider has blocked the network time system(!).

My provider (Acanac) created their own time server just for their clients to use. My system started working after I let Tablo support know the custom address. Although I would not be surprised if they just switched to their own time server.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the responses everyone. It so happens that when I got home from work yesterday my Tablo was ‘magically’ connected to the internet. Don’t know what happened but at least it’s fixed.