Tablo won't connect to any devices

I just got my Tablo and it will seem to be working fine and then after I close out of the App on my Roku it won’t reconnect unless i unplug and reboot the Tablo. It also won’t connect to my phone or any other device. I realize this is a short term fix, but I shouldn’t have to reboot my tablo every time I use it. Has anyone else run into this?

Which tablo are you talking about: gen 4, HDMI, or network. Did you reboot the roku

I believe generation 4. I’m connected via wifi.

Yes. I rebooted everything

I assume you exited the roku tablo app by selecting the “exit” selection instead of hitting the home button.
If so I would open a help ticket. But with the new WEB site I have no idea where that is

What device did you use to set up your Tablo so that it connects to your home network? You must have used something other than the Roku.

Is there anything unusual about your home network like a VPN or a guest network?

We use metronet as our internet provider. Never had any trouble before setting up devices. It acts like it loses connection and then never recovers it. The Roku can see the device on the network but can’t connect unless i reboot it.

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Yes. I did.

I’m having the exact same issue! I purchased the new 4th gen model on Friday. I won’t say it disconnects immediately after I close the app but if I go an extended period of time between accessing my Tablo, I have to power cycle in order for the app to connect again. This is occurring on both my Google TV apps as well as ios devices (phone and ipad). Very annoying. I’m hoping a firmware update will fix.