Tablo with just one button?

My wife jokingly reminds me often that, “If something happened to you, I would never be able to watch TV!”.

So, I’m really looking for an automated 1-button approach to:

  1. Turning on my TV, Amp, Nvidia Shield.
  2. Invoking the Tablo Andorid app on the Shield.
  3. Starting a live TV stream on say channel 7.

Setting up #1 is easy but I’m not sure if it’s even possible to automate the process further such as inovking the Tablo app or starting live TV on the Shield.

I have any number of remotes I can use including URC 780, Nvidia “stick” remote, Fire TV remote paired with Shield, Anymote Andorid remote app. I’m even open to buying yet another remote if I need to.

So what do you experts think? Is this even possible?

Thanks for any suggestions!

You can configure actions using a Harmony remote. I use a Harmony Home Control and you can put in a series of button presses and assign it to one button. I personally haven’t tried configuring anything other than turning on all devices and setting the inputs correctly with one button press. However, if you manually order your Tablo app on the Android TV launcher I think it would be possible. I could possibly give it a try sometime.

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I’m with you on this one - the Harmony is so great. My problem with scenarios like this where you have to do some ‘advanced’ macro programming on the Harmony, is that when things go wrong - they tend to go haywire, leaving devices in a weird state. Ultimately, I think it makes everything less ‘wife friendly’.

Yeah. The Harmony is great because it turns 3 remotes into 1, but if something goes wrong it waits for me to get home to solve. (Between you and me, I think the problem is lack of patience, but don’t repeat that!)

I’m looking to get one of these in January when they become available for a fire and a roku

Thanks for the replies.

I know a lot of folks use the Hamonys and I used to have one. But as Adam pointed out, things can go real wrong when devices go out of sync. Especially devices which only have power toggle instead of discreet “on / off”.

I have been using AnyMote on my smartphone ($6.99): I think it will do about anything the Harmony can. It’s quite an amazing app. but still the potential out of sync problem.

If only there were a way to launch the Tablo app on my Nvidia Shield from the remote with a macro or something , I think that might solve it. I mean explicitly launch the Tablo app, not just trying to hit its icon with multiple arrow keystrokes which won’t work because the app icon may never be in the same place on the Shield menu.

@ka0wtk, that’s an interesting little gadget. Good idea but I’m a little turned off with having to clip a device on to an existing remote. I will be interested to see how you like it.

One remote, simple to use, and inexpensive. Depending on what devices you’re using, you really should check it out:

Audiovox RCRST02GR 2-Device Universal Streaming Remote for Roku, Apple TV, Sony