Tablo (with 2 tuner) not showing recordings

My Tablo has been giving my problems these last few days.

It seems as if it’s not recording my shows. Additionally,I tried to watching one of my shows while it was recording and it kept taking me to the halfway point of the show with no option to start at the beginning.

I’m running Firmware 2.2.16 off my Roku 4 box.

Any suggestions as to how I could fix this?

Have you tried rebooting your tablo box?

Yes. I also checked the Tablo app on my iPhone and it was the same.

I did notice that this problem seems to be limited to one channel. The shows are scheduled. They even show up as recordings in progress, but once the show ends, the recordings disappear.

@gerasco Do the rest of your shows record and stick around without any issues? Or is it all recordings? Send our support team a note with the details (latest recordings to go missing, the suspect channel), and we can take a look.

Apologies for the long time in responding. Things got a little busy for me right after I made the original post. The shows I watched went into their ‘mid-season’ breaks around then as well, so nothing was scheduled.

Somehow the problem is fixed, but I’m not exactly sure how.

I did reboot the Tablo again because the unit itself wasn’t appearing one of my two Roku units. That was the first step in solving a problem that ultimately had to do with my internet router. Once I reset the router, the problem was solved.

Rebooting the Tablo after the original problem didn’t fix the issue. Rebooting it a second time may have. I can’t be sure.