(Tablo Windows APP) "Recorded" counts different from "Recordings" screen {Never mind - Pilot Error}

In the grand scheme of things. this is a nit, i know.  But here it is…

(note- this is not ALL shows… but it is on several)
By the way… the count in the individual show screen is correct… i.e. there are 87 Dick Van Dyke shows and 120 Alfred Hitchcocks

The number you see in the top right corner on Recordings is the number of episodes that haven’t been fully watched yet.  You should see a full blue or a half blue circle besides those recordings.

For example, I have Gotham recorded.  There have been 4 episodes, and I have only watched 2 so far.  So there is a 2 in the top right corner for me.

I see, you are correct.  Well,  there’s that.      

Thank you,  I feel stoopid. 

It’s actually a very good question.   I wasn’t sure myself till you asked.

I thought it was about time we made this for future use… 

Everyone can feel free to use it: 

Love it!  Thanks, Tablo!  :-bd

You’re very welcome. It was overdue! 

Just don’t try to use it with your wife. I don’t want to get in trouble ;)