Tablo windows app feature request

  • ability to adjust skip forward and skip back increment. 20sec back and 30sec forward are too big. At a min 5 sec forward and 5 sec back would work better to catch the sound bite I missed.
  • Keep app running when I open or Alt-tab to a new window. I often am working on second screen and when I switch or open a new tab, tabloTV app minimized and stops playing.
  • Recent Recordings list in the Recordings page, like on the Roku app, This makes watching the latest news recordings much easier.
  • ability to select multiple recordings to delete. Often I will have a bad signal due to rain and end up with 10 or more 1 minute partial recordings of the same show, which are a pain to delete one at a time

I would second the recent recordings addition on the recording page…

Firefox had a Picture in Picture option if you still have have space and want to keep an eye on the show.

Even if you don’t want the PiP, you can minimize or switch tabs or windows and it continues.

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