Tablo will no longer connect

Intermittent loss of Tablo connection. Have rebooted Tablo. Then rebooted modem/router/Tablo. Then did a “bank rollover” that led to a firmware update and then no connection at all. Put it into Remote Access for Tablo Tech to look at it but they have gone dark. I now have a brick? Any thoughts on what to try next or do I just call Spectrum and get reliable cable back?

BTW: on Roku TV but same result when trying to connect on the Android app…no connection.

I remember having Spectrum. But I don’t remember the term reliable cable.

What’s a “bank rollover” and how many versions of firmware was the version jump. Does the WEB app discover the tablo?. I assume your DHCP server knows about and has an IP reservation for the tablo?

“Bank rollover” was suggested by tech team. Disconnect power, hold down reset button, reconnect power, let go of reset button as soon as LED starts to flash. Don’t know what the jump in firmware was, if any. Firmware was up to date before the change. Connection to router has always been fine.

Looks like you replied to the ticket a few times before getting a reply. This will push you to the back of the queue.

I’ve flagged your ticket for the team and they’ll get back to you shortly.

Attached via Ethernet and put in heartbeat remote access. Apparently a bad wifi card so replacement unit is on the way. Should I put the new unit on a cooling pad?