Tablo WIFI stops working, wire works fine

My Dual-tuners Tablo wifi stops working. I’ve got this device since Tablo first came out. It has given me good run for many years. When it stops working, rebooting/resetting does not change anything. The Tablo is in the other floor so I can not connect an Ethernet wire directly to the router, finanlly, I repurpose my old router/bridge and turn it to a bridge; the Tablo is alive again without WIFI. I was going to buy a replacement, but can use the money for something else for now. Does anyone have the same issue with WIFI or just me?

Not for a Tablo mine have been wired from the first day. But wifi in general. It is not a static environment. Over the years I went from one access point eventually cranked up to max power to now three Access Points currently running minimum power. Things change as the spectrum gets more and more crowded. I know I have many more wifi devices now then I did 15 years ago, door bell, fridge, thermostat etc. My neighbors also have these things. Your bridge probably has a stronger radio than the Tablo.

I understand what you mean. I am a tech person so I know the Tablo WIFI on my device is no longer working, period. Basically, If I stand next to the Tablo after reseting to manufacture default, I could not see the hotspot with Tabloxxxx (the very basic requirement before you can set it up to communicate your main router).

OK from what I understand if the ethernet cable was unplugged when you did the reset if the WIFI was operating properly you should have seen the hotspot.

Yeah, I know that basic stuff. I have been using the WIFI function for a few years before it died otherwise I never need to plug the Ethernet cable in. With or without the cable, the WIFI is dead.