Tablo vs recast remote controls

I am trying both out now, I have had the recast for a couple of weeks and Tablo just 1 day. I do like the channel guide better on Tablo but trying to run it off the fire remote seems to be difficult. Is there a different remote that would work better or would I need to go to the hdmi one for that. It just seems like I have to go fire home and restart Tablo to get back to main screen or am I missing something here? Thanks Michael

I have had a Recast for a couple of years and just added a Tablo a few months ago. I access both through fire sticks and the standard remote. I have never had any issue with controlling the Tablo in this manner.

The only issue to which you refer is getting to the main menu. It isn’t clear whether this is the Firestick or Tablo menu. Just mashing the Back button next to the Home button takes you back a level on the screens and will bring me back through the stack of screens. Can you elaborate on what issues you have in more detail?

The Tablo is vastly better than the Recast. Amazon doesn’t seem to be investing any effort in correcting the many issues with Recast.

Yeah I think it will be better once I get the hang of it, I am just one day in. I do wish the channel guide would have a mark by scheduled programs to record other than just up top when highlighted. I will give it a few days and see what questions I come up with. Thanks for the response.