Tablo volume is too low

So I just played last night’s epidsode of “Blackish” on Tablo and a random episode of “Friends” on Netflix - and the volume level is the same or close enough to the same that I can’t tell a difference (with my receiver set to the same volume number 37 in this case, but that is only meaningful if you have the same AVR).

I went back and forth four times, never touching the volume, and without test instruments, they sound the same. Again, I’m using Pro Logic II on my AVR for Tablo and all non Dolby Roku sources.
BTW - This is on a Roku 3 if that matters. My Denon AVR has a lot of features and it is possible it is doing something in the background to equalize volume.

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@ChrisFix thanks a lot for doing that test. I wonder if you did a more modern TV show on Netflix if there would be any difference (I think sound has improved in recent years). Regardless, I’m glad it’s working for you.


I wasn’t blaming the user. I acknowledged the difference but is it that hard to turn up the volume a few decibels? I turn up my TV from say 30 to 40 out of 80 to get the same volume levels and I can hear over ambient noise easily.

I don’t think that is fair. The same could be said for the folks at Tablo. Is it that hard to add a volume boost? Where is the line? It wouldn’t be that hard to adjust the color, or other settings either, but it would be just as annoying.

If an issue makes customers annoyed, it seems to me that Tablo would very much want to know that, particularly when the company is trying to grow.



I agree it should be fixed, just it was pointed out that the low volume issue should be fixed before “minor usability” issues. I say issues / features such as multiple episode delete feature, larger than 2 TB support, 5.1 audio, and saving recordings off the Tablo should take precedent. The audio works but none of us can backup our Tablo eps nor upgrade to a larger HDD at all.

What is important to one, is not necessarily as important to another. I happen to think that the volume issue is far more important than multiple episode delete. That doesn’t mean I am right and someone else is wrong.



Agreed. But what about being able to export videos off the Tablo for offline viewing and/or backup purposes?

I think you might be missing my point. What is important to me, is probably irrelevant to many others. Everyone is different and has their own opinion.

With that being said, I guess if I had to choose, I would prefer to have the volume issue fixed first. To me exporting is a bonus, and not something that I should “expect”, where volume normalization is something that (to me) I would expect, if it isn’t in line with the overwhelming majority of other sources.


To each their own - what would be nice is if there was a plan of what to do next and we could all vote on it so things that are more important to the masses get done first.

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That would be nice.

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There is a survey that was sent out 10 days ago.

Does Tablo typically release the results of the survey?

Yes, they do. This is only their 2nd one.

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+1 experiencing a very low volume relative to other apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc. Hope it gets fixed.

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It’s not a Tablo issue - why in the world is everyone comparing Tablo to SERVICES and not broadcast TV? Ever think it’s the encoding of the OTHERS that makes their sound louder?

My Tablo records shows at the exact same volume they are broadcast at.
My PROOF (which is light-years more scientific that comparing to Netflix, Hulu, etc which are SERVICES that manipulate the show)
Here’s how i know it’s not Tablo:
I use my TV to watch live TV. I’ve done this before many times, but this week my wife is in Europe and she wanted me to record a bunch of shows for her. I watched some of them while recording, but once in a while I didn’t watch the whole thing - 5 cats, yard work and so on means I either didn’t start watching, or didn’t finish watching. Some of them I decided to watch after the cats were asleep and I was too tired to work more. So, I went from live TV to the Tablo recorded shows - and watched them at the exact same volume setting I was using to watch them LiVE.
In other words - when watching TV through the TV like I do - then switching over and watching a Tablo recorded show, I didn’t need to change the volume at all - it played at the same sound level as it was when I was watching it live via the TV tuner.
So there - I compared my TV tuner’s show to Tablo’s recorded show, the exact same show - either live or recorded, had the same volume level. I have hearing loss, wear hearing aids, and am extremely aware of volume changes and have a lot of trouble with sounds in the range of the human voice, especially the female human voice (luckily the doctor told my wife that for me so she’d believe it)
If it was too low or hard to hear I’d be one of the very first people in here griping - that’s how I am. If something bugs me, I speak out. (much to Tablo’s dismay LOL)
I am here to tell ya Tablo records volume at the same level as the station broadcasts it - I compare live TV through the TV’s tuner to the Tablo recording of the same show - they are the same.
To compare to something besides broadcast from a station is beyond apples and oranges, it’s comparing the 1/4 mile speeds of my Javelin to a horse. At least compare cars. To compare to HULU, Netflix and so on, sorry but they are not original broadcasts - they are modified broadcasts. At least compare your Tablo recordings to the original broadcasts from the station that broadcasts it.

Tablo output over Airplay and AppleTV appears to be slightly lower volume than my TV’s ATSC tuner. Is it a significant problem? No, I’ve had cable boxes with much lower output volume.

But it is noticeable when A/B’ing live shows to other sources including the ATSC tuner on the same TV which displays the HDMI signal from AppleTV and Airplay/Tablo.

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My SimpleTV is the same as my tablo. When we watch either one the vol goes up so we can hear it. If w watch Netfix or a DVD the vol goes down. I’d love to compare it to broadcast via the tv tuner but…I live so far from the signal towers that I have a single location where the one good antenna gets to my house (extra bedroom on second floor) and horrible wiring in my house so no other locations gets the signal.

Careful saying “everyone” when you didn’t read all the posts. I did not compare Tablo to a Service, I compared it to, which is another over the air dvr, using the exact same connection as my Tablo. It is apples to apples. That said, my volume discrepancy is so small, it’s not really an issue, I have to turn it up a notch or two for Tablo, not an issue, but Tablo is noticeably quieter than either my TV Tuner or Same with @enyapeoj, while his post is after your’s, he also noticed a small difference, but with different components. Interesting that @Eves did not. I guess it just goes to show you there are a lot of variables at play.

LOL - some people apparently aren’t acquainted with figures of speech, etc.
We’ll say “the loudest complaints” or “too many” then to keep the majority happier. Can’t make everyone happy.

I’ve also found:
When watching a DVD using a player that has multiple output options, one of them HDMI, I have found if using the HDMI input on my TV for that player I have to crank the volume up. If I use one of the other interfaces for that same player, the volume is much better.
Now taking my BR player through the Sony amp I had to modify the HDMI sound output of the BR player or we were unable to hear human voices - the background sounds, the music was fine, but you could not hear and understand the dialog. A change to the BR configuration fixed that and now it plays well - through the Sony amp - but through the TV it’s more muddled and I still have to crank it up (that’s via HDMI input)
For me the common issue seems to be HDMI - it seems to have sound issues - every playback device I’ve ever had was more trouble sound-wise with HDMI than if I used the other connection options. And HDMI through the TV the sound is even worse.
I’ve never been satisfied with sound through HDMI - but the HDMI in on the TV seems to be the worst of them all. Acceptable, but not great - you’ve got to crank it up.
Tablo - when we watch a recorded show, I simply don’t need to mess with the volume. I can use the TV remote, select “input” - change FROM tuner/antenna to say HDMI FireTV stick for example, play a recorded show and the sound is the same as if we were going back to the antenna input and watching it live.
When I was done watching the BR disk Into Darkness last week I had the sound running through the Sony amp - I finished the movie and changed the TV input back to antenna/tuner - and about blew my ears off! The cats even jumped and looked toward the front of the room where the speakers are! I had to really turn it down - a lot. Odd - the movie had to be cranked up to hear and understand the human dialog, but when I switched from the movie to the TV tuner and an OTA broadcast show it about blew the speakers off the shelf.
Is that the HDMI interface doing that to the sound?
IF once device had both HDMI and other outputs, and I check a movie, or live TV through that device to play through the TV the volume for the HDMI source is always too low. Same device through another connection the sound is fine.
Movie from bluray player via HDMI to TV is too low, turn back to antenna/tuner input about blows me away.
So - is it really Tablo - or is it something else?
When I compare Tablo recorded shows to the original broadcast of the show through the tuner, the volume is the same in my case.
I do not have Netflix, don’t use HULU or any other service (I’m too cheap) so I can’t compare these apples to those oranges. What does make sense to me, as was said - there are a lot variables (and some unfair comparisons thrown into the mix IMO)… so is it truly a Tablo problem, or a stackup of circumstances and tolerances and methods?

The Tablo plays back at a lower volume than ALL OTHER SOURCES. I do not need to adjust my volume for any other input, or any other channel on the same input. Only for the Tablo channel.