Tablo volume is too low

The Tablo does nothing to the volume, so how is this a “critical defect”?

Well… probably… sort of. Maybe it’s that stereo played though a surround sound env isn’t as effective (?)

Regardless, I do think you have the core issue identified, which is why some notice and others do not.

I’ll just throw my 2 cents in as I see ALL sources I normally am sitting around 15-20 on my volume. Amazon seems to be the lowest at 15, Netflix around 20… But for Tablo I have to pump it up to about 35-40 to be at the same volume level.

Many people have asked Tablo to up the volume, but I am going to say make it a user configurable setting ie: Increase Voulme by x+ db. So as an example I want to increase +10db on recordings.

I add +10db on my exporter as a default which seems to give the recordings about the same volume as others.


This seems like the most reasonable solution.

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@TabloTV PLEASE…everything is louder than Tablo. Increase by 10 or make it a setting like recording quality is.


See info here: Volume of recordings

I’m experiencing a similar problem… However, I wouldn’t only say generically that the volume is too low… I’d say that playing back thru my Denon in surround sound that the center channel audio is almost non-existent… I get side and surround channels way too loud, but I can’t hear what’s going on with the center channel…

I grab the same show and playback thru Hulu and everything is fine… I’m using a Roku 4k as my playback BTW…

Yep, something is goofy with the Tablo software and needs fixed ASAP…

User posts on a 4 year old thread and says something needs to be fixed ASAP. :thinking:

Do you have surround sound on or off? If it is off, that would explain why your center channel isn’t getting any sound.

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Depending on channel watching surround sound is NO SOUND. Channels that support surround sound are ok when on.

Tablo needs to find a way to automatically toggle.
In the survey I said louder sound.

Dude, I’m an Electrical Engineer and have been at this home theater thing for 30+ years… I’ve done the troubleshooting and there’s something goofy with the audio bit-stream being outputted from the Tablo recording… I’ve been noticing it for a while now (can’t say longer than a few months since I only installed the Tablo before Christmas to replace my networked HD Homerun tuners)… I finally got time to Google the issue and find many users reporting similar problems for months now without a resolution… Hence the ASAP comment - Tablo should be all over this already…

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Non-Engineer, downgraded to Only-Know-Some-Stuff…

Tablo records/encodes audio/video in HLS

I picked several .ts segments at random to play via smplayer (mulit-platform media player) The audio stream for each one showed the same stats:
My record quality is set at 720HD no 5.1. Is 256kbs 48000Hz truly considered “goofy”?? From an Engineer’s perspective?

I’m not discounting the volume variations, isn’t it more a property of the player and possibly what codec is in use or less likely which demuxer?

If several different folks using several different playback devices are all reporting similar issues, then wouldn’t you think the issue would have more to do with the Tablo encoding being employed rather than the decoding from the playback device?.. At least that’s my theory at this point…

There’s no question based on djk44883 posting that the there’s consistency in the audio bit-stream being outputed… but how the Tablo is taking the incoming bit-stream and encoding it to be stored is my question…

I know bits are bits… seems in the digital age it should just be a matter of storing what’s coming in and spitting it back out again… however, I’m not sure if there’s not some translation to reduce storage space that could have an impact on the audio signal being stored… This is where the Tablo engineers would need to step in…

No, cuz several other folks don’t have those issues.
I’m one of them.

Check, and modify auto volume settings on the TV, and media player device.
My TV has auto volume enabled, which drove me nuts when I had a satellite TV receiver, cuz it made commercials way too loud.
However, I exclusively use a Roku to watch anything on the TV now, and auto volume enabled on the TV, with audio leveling enabled on the Roku.
The audio levels in every Roku app I use are all very close to each other, so I don’t need to change the TV volume at all.

Roku apps…
Sling TV
Prime Video
Google Play Movies & TV

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I’m not conclusive, nor am I trying to discount whatever volume issue you and others are claiming. Added clarification, I have my recorded setting HD 720 Mbs 5.1 not enabled. I picked a few .ts segments from different shows, they appeared consistent.

Not knowing much, other than it didn’t seem “goofy”… maybe just silly :poop: I was hoping to give you some insight to use your experience to understand HLS audio encoding and various settings and find out how ridiculous it may or may not be.

I otherwise offload most my recordings via 3rd part apps, ffmpeg or stream directly with a media player and watch through my “media” PCs essentially with a TV for a monitor. So I have no real experience with data mining proprietary OTT devices.

If you dig back through the forums (maybe this thread) there was some info from Tablo about this. As I recall, the problem is that the tuner chip has limited options for it’s decoding of the original broadcast signal’s audio channel. And that when it transcodes Surround to Stereo, there’s a volume transform that takes place. And that their only option is to step up the volume to double what it is now. Which they determined is worse than what you currently get.

I’m parroting that from memory. Go look back a year or two.

Yes, I recall limitations with 5.1 - all or none. I noticed some in these posting mention using it, some mention a AV sound systems… so there may have much to do with your individual configuration, and hearing sensitivity.

Seriously, I’m often adjusting volume, to say something is and another is not would be too much to keep track of - for me.

The simple solution (which LOTS OF USERS WANT) but TABLO WILL NOT DO) is simply amplify it a little in the transcoding process).

If I enable 5.1 on Tablo then sound on channels that support it is ok, but some channels don’t support it so Tablo chose NO SOUND instead of switching back.

As I understand it, the transcoding is done by the tuner chip. If the chip doesn’t support “amplify a little”, then what can they do? Do you know the chip can do this?

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stumbled upon this…

This topic has 23 unique users…
there is Low volume from Tablo - 9 and Volume of recordings - 13 but I’m not going to cross eliminate users, we’ll call it whole lots

I’m kind’a sure there are way too numerous amount of users, maybe, with issues, concerns, “demands”, problems, misunderstandings, etc that Nuvyyo refuses to even acknowledge much less do anything about :angry: :exploding_head:

Not sure what you’re saying here. They did acknowledge it in the thread you quoted. My guess is that there isn’t anything they can tweak in the chip firmware, so they’re dodging it now. But it’s certainly not the “simple” fix that @beastman wanted.