Tablo Version 4K?

The question isn’t “if”, it’s “when”?

I don’t trust this new guy at all…

Good for you in the U.S. and other markets if 4K OTA does happen. Here in Canada, I don’t see it happening with transmitters actually being slowly taken down (such as TVO recently moving to take down EIGHT transmitters in Ontario). The government is eating out of the hand of cable and satellite providers.

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Give it time. It’s gonna happen here in the states with this nit wit Pai running the FCC. Given the fact this guy was already in the pockets of the Telco’s the writing is on the wall. I mean just look at his pic. A face you can surely trust. /sarcasum

I hope it takes awhile to implement this ATSC 3.0. I just bought a new 1080p hdtv. :grinning:
Plus, I’m tired of following these technical revolutions. (Analog to digital OTA, Black/White to Technicolor, VHS to DVD to HDDVD to BLURAY to 4K) Too much money has been spent by me during these change overs. :expressionless:

How much better looking can an older tv show be in 4k (From MASH to STAR TREK: TNG to CHICAGO: PD/FIRE/MED)? It’s what broadcasters use to fill their time slots. I don’t think people will actually see :eyeglasses: the benefits in their living rooms; in a movie theater…yes. But who has that much space in their homes?

Don’t get me wrong, I liked that we have finally progressed with tech that can allow us to record and stream shows/movies, bring up pretty much anything from the interwebs and be able to watch a live sporting event on a big screen with clarity. Anybody remember trying to watch the NCAA tournament on a small (under 20", most likely 12" color boob tube)? Can’t we just hold off just a little bit longer. :pause_button:

Oh well, sorry for my little rant. :rage: Have a Nice Day! :slight_smile:

I hope companies like Nuvyyo are working on petitions and have lobbyists to encourage the CRTC (Canada’s version of the FCC) to push for more OTA broadcasting. Otherwise there will be no point to the Tablo and other PVRs like it.

I haven’t found an active cord cutting group in Toronto (where I live) that seams to be doing much.

We are definitely working with folks who help us keep an ear to the ground on what the CTRC, the Ministry of Innovation and the Ministry of Heritage are up to and will do what we can to promote and keep OTA going in Canada. We may not have a vat of lawyers and fat stacks of cash like Rogers/Bell, but we’ll do our part.

As for ATSC 3.0, even though this new US administration is taking a ‘git r dun’ approach to policy rollout, this type of change takes a LOT of time.

This will require broadcasters to invest a significant amount of money and time before this goes mainstream. Even then there will be a mandated transition period where broadcasters are required to carry both types of signals.

If you remember the analog to digital transition, it took much longer than it was supposed to and many extensions were granted.

The CEO of Sinclair Broadcasting was charged up about ATSC 3.0. But ATSC 3.0 also allows for DRM and targeted advertising.

Speaking Wednesday on a CES panel focused on the ATSC 3.0 transition,
Ripley said the standard meets five core “tenants” for the broadcast
industry: it will help broadcasters deliver content to mobile devices;
it works seamlessly on the internet; it enables targeted advertising; it
provides robust content security; and it greatly increases the amount
of content that can be delivered over a 6 MHz spectrum.

Eh, by the time OTA becomes 4k, I might be ready to upgrade my TV to be 4K too… so I’m no rush for Tablo to make a 4k DVR.

I hear you Max, but the upscaler on some of todays 4K UHD TVs are unbelievable. Grit and justice and other 480 stations, upscale great.
On my sammy 65 4k I think it’s better than some of the cable broadcast network shows resolution…not the 480 but the 1080 @ 60 hz