Tablo usefulness

This product is as close to useless as it can get. Changing the channel is next yo impossible between shows. App crashes and reboots constantly and crashes without warning. Damn thing requires constant rebooting of the firestick. I will be throwing this use less thing in the garbage. P.O.S.

here we go again… welcome to the community!

If you would have posted for help… we all could have helped you along.


So you created an account to let us know you are throwing it away vs creating an account to see the if the community can help you?


The only help that can be provided based on the information provided is to remember to recycle.


I hate when I have to agree with you…

¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯

If you’re still within 30 day of purchase you can return it for refund. (less shipping, both ways :frowning_face: )

Depends where you got it what type of hassle it may/not be. I mean you spent the time to write a pointless post.

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I understand your frustration. My firestick was doing the same thing. This may not be the answer you want to hear, but I replaced my firestick with a $20 Onn Google TV 4k streaming device from Walmart. This fixed my Tablo app crashes.

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The problem is probably either the Firestick or Android and you have to clear them out. Or it’s an older one and time to upgrade. My Tablo is almost flawless, can’t even remember the last problem I had, except for the Beta testing stuff.


My Legacy Tablo works. My 4th Gen does not work.


The one difference I loved is when last November tablo changed the default extend live to a flat 30 minutes. So I measured how that would work using November NCAA college football games. Out of 18 games 6 went longer the 30 minutes past the end time. Last weekend a WNBA game also went longer then 30 minutes.

With the legacy tablo default I went 10 years with 99% success rate .There is no reason to have a system default with a 30% failure rate. Why not just let the user set the default time. That can’t be that hard to program into the setting page