Tablo Update I think, what's going on here?

I am a new Tablo user, about 30 days. I assume that when the blue LED begins flashing and the show/recording I am watching stops it means a firmware update is in progress. Is this in fact the case? Twice this afternoon this happened while watching the news. :confused:

I searched the community site before posting, but couldn’t find anything specific to my question.
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Sounds like an unexpected reboot… Open a support ticket

Thank you

Did you touch the Tablo by any chance? I live in a dry climate, and if I touch the bottom front edge, Tablo gets a jolt of static electricity and reboots. I’ve since put it in a place where it’s out of site, out of mind, and haven’t had that problem since.

No, just across the room watching a show. Thank you for the information.

@rharing - No, we’ll prompt you when there’s a firmware update available for your Tablo. Something fishy is going on here so please do touch base so we can check your box out.

Will do. I put it in the remote in mode last evening, heart beat flashing LED, but this morning was back to solid blue.

@rharing - OK, we’ll likely want that back into remote mode. Sounds like it may have rebooted in the night as well which it shouldn’t be doing. The support team will be able to help you figure out why it’s behaving like this.

I will put it in remote mode when I get home this afternoon. Thank you

@rharing Were you able to touch base with our team? Let us know if you’re still seeing this crop up. We’ll get this fixed up.

Everything seems to be working well now. Do you recommend having a UPS that the TABLO connects to, so to prevent momentary power fluctuations?

Recommend every important electronic unit is connected to a battery backup outlet of a good UPS.
Especially the following:
Internet modem (cable, DSL, LTE, …)
Network switch
Externally powered hard drives

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