Tablo TV out performs Simple TV

Just returned my Simple TV dual tuner. Simple TV had weak signals for each of the 15 TV stations from my TV attenna. My TV attenna is connected to a Channel Master Rotator Controller. I readjusted the rotator every 25 degrees from 0 to 360. After each reposition, I rescanned the tv stations. Each time the Simple TV has a weak signal, I could not view any TV Station.

I plugged my Tablo TV back in. I repeated the steps in reverse to reposition the rotator from 350 to 0 degrees every 25 degrees. The Tablo TV has better sensors for picking up TV stations and the indicators they displayed seemed to be more accurate. The best position for me, was 100 degrees, The tablo TV indicates it can pick up all tv stations. I can view all TV stations except for TV station 20-1,2,3. All other staions work fine. I can record fine. Tablo TV is working on this. Appears the TV station is broadcasting differently.

I am waiting patiently for Tablo TV to look for a solution.
I have just installed the latest firmware update. I notice on my laptop, the performance has increased significantly.

Have a great day :smile:

Glad to hear it. Simple.TV is old news :wink:

There are a large number of “SimpleTV” survivors here… welcome to the club!

I’m also a recent convert from Simple TV. Finally returned my two-tuner and got a 4 tuner Tablo. Night and day difference. Tablo is such a pleasure. That said, the tuners don’t seem any stronger on Tablo (for me). Simple TV always showed weak signal, but never really had a issue tuning into channels. I get the same number off channels with Tablo, and even though every channel shows fulls strength, I still get occasional pixelation.

People would often see my setup (when the SimpleTV was working), and ask about it. I would always say, “Yes, it’s working now, and it’s a great idea. That said, DON"T BUY ONE!” I’m glad I can finally recommend those people look at Tablo :slight_smile:

Mine always showed 1/2 the signal strength of what I could get when plugging directly into an HDTV (no other splitters etc and with a pre-amp!) … The worst of it was the SimpleTV couldn’t even tune in the local ABC affiliate (which has 100% strength/signal on my HDTV directly connected … ) oddly it could get the digital sub-channel but not the primary one… (weird) … I had also spent weeks trodding back and forth from the attic crawlspace trying to figure out what the problem was… eventually I figured it was due to having the antenna attic mounted so I went thru the entire ordeal of mounting it to the roof … still no change… It wasn’t till I tried using a dual channel HD homerun to test the reception that I got excellent results (then testing again on an HDTV showed the same … The nail in the coffin was when I tried the TABLO and it worked beautifully… even picked up 2x more channels than the SimpleTV did … after that I realized the problems I had had all along were NOT the antenna or reception but was infact due to the SimpleTV itself!!)