Tablo TV 2-Tuner Unit for Sale

I purchased a 2-tuner Tablo TV unit about 5 weeks ago and now that the elections are coming up, I have buyer’s remorse. I want to record four network coverages of the election on November 8th all at once. I ordered a new 4-tuner unit and therefore would like to sell my 2-tuner unit. It’s like brand new with all the accessories, the original box, and the receipt, which will allow you to have a warranty on hand if you need to register it.

I am asking $142.00 post paid, using 2-3 Day USPS Priority Mail. I will ship to any place in the United States. If you are interested, hit me up with a private message. I will have the unit ready to ship on election day this November. I would prefer a check or money order, thus avoiding all the PayPal fees.

I am an honest seller and would not sell anything defective. This unit has been kept in a cool place and completely works great!

4 tuners? Don’t you need 5? NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and PBS :wink: You can always add a fifth for pocket change (i.e. Homeworx) :relaxed:

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No, I only need four channels. I would like to have the Tablo 4-tuner unit and keep everything compartmentalized. I didn’t know I’d wish I’d purchased the 4-tuner unit, but it is no big deal.

Yer right! 4 out of 5 ain’t bad and one of those 5 is so unfair and unbalanced that it’s not worth recording them.

Keep the dual tuner, you’ll have 6 tuners haha


Sure, 5 American stations plus the CBC to comment on the election. Though I’ll also be streaming the BBC that evening since they’ve got the best sense of humor (or is it humour?).

You realize that if we keep up this political tuner chit chat until Nov 8 we’ll be doing @steve1970 a favor by keeping this “for sale” thread up at the top.

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That’s going to be so cool when Nuvyyo rolls out the ITI (Inter Tablo Interface) to combine multiple units into one networked, seamless whole for unified viewing. Wow can’t wait for that!

How many Tablos will it support? I currently get 20 channels with unique programming. (actually 45 total but alot of them are duplicates, shopping networks, or religious). Will the ITI be able to support 5 4-tuner Tablos, so I can record all 20 channels at once?

I’m not sure what the ITI limitations would be…:confused: How many devices can a LAN support?

I will have to contact them. The hope that I can record 20 channels at once would be the answer to a lifelong dream

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That coming or a dream?

that, sir, is an ambitious dream… Please- think of the bandwidth! :slight_smile:

I can just imagine a small migraine trying to figure out which HDD has a specific show on it…

If anyone is interested, please let me know. I just received my new 4-Tuner Tablo today and could ship this unit right away if someone is interested. Otherwise, I may give this 2-Tuner unit away as a gift. I will lower the price to $135.00 including shipping, but this is as low as I can go. Again, the unit is only 6 weeks old and works great. I just need more than 2 channels. I do prefer a check or money order so if you sent one out today, I could have it in a day or two. I will ship the unit immediately right after I get the payment.