Tablo turning of randomly with no power source interruptions

Tablo turning of randomly with no power source interruptions. Last night it didn’t record any of my shows. Did not realize it until this morning. Try to connect to it this morning and it could not find the tablo. Went to check on the tablo and the blue light was off. The tablo was turned off, The light on my drive was still on. Why is the tablo turing off on its own and how can I fix this?

This is likely a known firmware issue, very rare. But to be fixed in the next firmware release. To confirm, open up a Support Ticket with Tablo directly - they will check your logs to confirm.

However, it could be an overheating issue, try to turn the Tablo vertically on its side to increase the surface area of the bottom of the Tablo with the air.

Mine has done the same thing, seems to happen more when worked hard.

I have the same issue and am awaiting the firmware update.

OVER HEATING. That is the problem. Your Table maybe already has damage. Happen to me but I had chance to return it for Exchange. Second one I put fan right away so no problem there. But I will return Tablo and go different hardware. Too many problems for $300 that I payed…

I am having the same problem with my new Tablo. Will the firmware update automatically?

Second one same problem after couple days. So I returned it. Went with Tivo…

I put a laptop cooling fan underneath my Tablo. It worked great. Only a few glitches but with a little tweaking it works great. Don’t return your Tablo. It’s a really great product and I use is constantly every day.