Tablo Tshirt

I see there wad s contest and t-shirt design in 2014. Are the still available? I need one in 5XL.

@beastman - There are still some shirts left but unfortunately none in 5XL. Sorry!

Any reorder possibility and if so include 5xl. I know it will cost more.

@beastman - We still have lots left so there likely won’t be a reorder soon. Sorry! 

@TabloTV So, are you saying we can buy the shirts?  I’m a little late to the game.  Where are they for sale?

@faganm24 - The t-shirts are reserved for Tablo super fans so they aren’t actually for sale. We often give them away during contests and to folks who help us out with things like the ‘How I Cut the Cord with Tablo’ blog series. 

@TabloTV Thanks for the information.  I just got my Tablo and am catching up on my backlog of DVR shows I actually care about.  Then cutting the cord and hooking up my new antenna on the roof.  Really pleased with the user interface so far and looking forward to the new Android TV app.

@faganm24 - Great! Glad to hear it :) 

I received mine on Presidents Day. Besides the time it takes to corrrect the EOG I’m happywith ny Tablo.